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Hello and welcome to Shell's Namastars

If you hadn't guessed already, my name is Michelle. I am a full time Qualified Primary School teacher and currently work in primary special educational needs provision. I have worked within schools for the past six years, initially starting as a one to one teaching assistant in a mainstream setting, moving on to becoming a learning support assistant in my current school (SEN) where I have trained to become a class teacher. 

I have experience working with special needs children, teenagers and adults and am particularly passionate about promoting and supporting social, emotional and physical wellbeing. In December 2020 I completed a six month Special Yoga for Special Children Level One course run by Special Yoga (who are exceptional by the way) and am now a qualified Special Yoga practitioner. 

Yoga has become a solid feature in my class timetable and I have witnessed first hand the positive impact on children's mental health. 


My aim is to support children to understand themselves, their bodies, their minds and to provide them with the tools to self- regulate to ensure they can function to their best of their ability.